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Bhim App Vs PayTM

Confused by BHIM app? Here's a simple article to help you through comparing the options the market offers.

Bhim app has been the latest entrant to the frenzy that has followed Government on India's crackdown on black money through demonetization and shift towards a cashless economy. Giants like Paytm and freecharge have previously dominated the local online transaction market, and PayPal dominates the international market.

With BHIM UPI app, there is an increasing awareness about the government's arrangements to make cashless transactions easier. So naturally, people are challenging the need to have Paytm and considering using the new app.

Where to get BHIM and Paytm?

First, let us tell you how you can get the two apps. BHIM app has been released for Android and is available from the Play Store. The iOS version is expected really soon.

Paytm on the other hand, is available for both Android and iOS through their own application stores. Right at the outset, Paytm seems to have an advantage. But let's not get hasty. There is more to consider here.

What can BHIM and Paytm do?

Paytm is pretty commonly used today. It is an E-wallet service, which works like an electronic coin box available to fill and draw from through your internet connection.

Paytm can be loaded with money from your bank account. This can then be used to make payments at various merchants which have a paytm account, and you can make payments this way.

BHIM app on the other hand is a UPI app, which means it connects your bank account to your phone, through which you can make bank transactions across platforms.

BHIM also does not need to be loaded with money, and can be used directly as a mode of paying or receiving payment from someone. The app is only a medium, and your transactions are processed through the bank account itself.

What good features do BHIM and Paytm have?

BHIM app  is a good way of making payments to people, whether or not they have it themselves. It is not subscription based; all you need is

Bhim Apk

the other person's bank account details and you can pay them or request payments. The app also supports paying people through aadhaar card details, which can potentially make public sector transactions easier.

Paytm does not support cross platform transactions yet. It also charges a certain amount as fee if you want to transfer money from the e-wallet service to your bank account. But there is definitely a benefit if you are fond of things like online shopping, food ordering, and need to book Bhim app vs PayTM

train or bus tickets etc. The app also connects you to services like Uber and Ola, which can be essential no matter where you live.

Paytm also has great offers, a bazaar to buy all kinds of stuff with heavy discounts, an easy interface to instantly pay bills and recharge phones, metro cards and internet packs.

Which one is better?

It depends! Which features are more important to you? BHIM app is good if you want to eliminate middlemen and intermediary services. The service pairs with Aadhaar UID to keep things easy and also make payments safer. If you or someone else doesn't have BHIM app right then or anyway, you can dial *99# to carry out your transactions. Paytm on the other hand can save you money through its discounts, eliminate the need to stand in queues for bills and recharges and has other benefits. If neither is your cup of tea, try prepaid cards.

I hope this helps you out in choosing the perfect way to buy and sell goods and services in post demonetization India.